U.K.The New Prevent Strategy 2011

The new Strategy differs from the previous prevent strategy in some significant ways:

1. It explicitly places Prevent within the policy arena of countering terrorism articulating that whilst integration and work on cohesion is critical “it is neither sufficient nor should it be confused with” work designed to prevent engagement in or support for terrorism or terrorist organisations.
2. It explicitly identifies that addressing extremist ideas and organisations is a vital component of preventing radicalisation.
3. It seeks to focus more intelligently on individuals and areas where there are assessed risks and vulnerabilities. It recognises the significant risk that young people face
4. It identifies key sectors and institutions that are critical to preventing the radicalisation of individuals.
5. It focuses on all forms of extremisms whilst stating that the most significant threat remains from Al Qa’ida and associated organisations; and that activity to address terrorism needs to be proportionate to the assessed threat level. The new strategy summarises the levels of threat associated with differing forms of extremist ideologies.
6. It places a significant role on safeguarding individuals who are acting within the pre criminal space, through the Channel process.
7. It has a significant view on the issue of resilience derived from support for integration, democratic participation and interfaith dialogue.

Please take time to read the strategy and associated policy documents

We attach below a sample of press reporting on the Strategy below:


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